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First-Class Commercial Network Cabling

Simplify your business today with commercial network cabling from Wichita Audio Video. We’ll install all the jacks and wiring necessary to put your computers on a single network.

Professional custom digital signage

You’ll love our custom indoor digital signage options. They are digital banners that are displayed on a TV screen. You can update it as often as you wish to display your specials, events, and more. We will put all the unnecessary equipment in another room so the system looks aesthetically pleasing.


Whether you have an office, restaurant or are building a new building, we’ll gladly handle your end-to-end network cabling needs. Choose the custom network cabling service that’s right for you and your business. You can trust in a BBB accredited company.

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  •    Commercial network cabling

  •    New construction network cabling

  •    Indoor digital signage – custom banners

Take control of security and surveillance at your home.

Program the lighting and temperature for comfort.

We can install a customized security system for you.

Residential security systems

Complete home audio

Commercial security systems

Great residential products

Secure commercial products

Your home will be safe with our security systems.

We deliver voice, data, access control, and more.

Manufacturer warranty for product

Contact us for network cabling for your business’ computers, digital signage, and more. We do installations for new construction jobs as well.

After-hours appointments are available.

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