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Ultimate Whole Home Audio Systems

Take control of your entire home when you choose Wichita Audio Video. You’ll be able to control the TV, movies, music, and internet in every room no matter where you are. Enjoy your personal theater with zoned volume controls throughout your home, or do something innovative in every room.

Enjoy comfort and energy savings

Program the lighting and temperature throughout your home to fit your schedule or your lifestyle. Want all the lights to turn on when you open your garage door? No problem! You can even dim the lights for a romantic movie night and enjoy sound like never before.


We will recommend what would work best for you and explain all products. You get the estimates at your home or business. Control your entire home with the touch of a button. You can create a media room with a TV and built-in surround system. Wichita Audio Video is a BBB accredited business.

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Install our professional home security system for protection.

We’ll set up security solutions with easy-to-use controls.


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All your end-to-end network cabling will be taken care by us.

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Backed up by 44 years of experience

You can depend on our vast experience in whole home audio systems. We are also experts in security systems. Visit our showroom at 136 Lulu, Wichita, or just call us at:

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